Mercedes-Benz S550

$350 Per Day!
Hourly Rates Available as well!

Experience A Cloud With A Steering Wheel

0-60 mph

4.8 seconds




4.7 L V8

Massaging Seats

Comfort & Tech

Orange County Mercedes Rental:

Ever wanted to drive around on a cloud while getting a massage? This luxurious and comfortable car is the best of the best when it comes to a smooth ride with the best amenities. It’s the perfect premium car for you to take to an event, casual drive, or a business trip. You can drive for hours in absolute bliss in this luxury car rental.

Whether it’s the heated seats or the back massaging technology, you’re sure to experience a whole new level of driving experience in this amazing car. It’s not all fluff and ecstasy. With a twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter V8 producing 449 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, it can conquer the road with the push of the pedal. 

When you rent a Mercedes in Orange County, California, you are renting a car that defines the experience of living in the area. Mercedes Benz is world-renowned for transporting the rich and famous. It is in an exclusive league shared with other car brands like BMW or, in some cases, Rolls Royce. Unlike a sports car, this car rental offers you an escape from your surroundings by being cocooned in its luxurious options.

This car features state of the art technology which makes it a breeze to drive. Every step of the driving experience is made effortless with features such as the surround-view parking camera, adaptive cruise control, and automatic rain-sensing window wipers. Your passengers will feel immersed in the comfort and privacy of the back seats. Our Mercedes Benz s550 comes optioned with retractable shades for its windows, adjustable neon lighting, and heated or cooling seats. 

For business, nothing makes a great first impression like someone who knows how to travel in style. This luxury car’s presence almost demands respect every time it is parked. If you’re taking your meeting on the road with your potential clients, this car is almost guaranteed to do half the talking for you. 

And for pleasure, what better way to cruise the beautiful California coastline than in heated and cooled leather seats with your favorite song playing through the surround sound Bluetooth enabled speakers? It’s the perfect rental, whether you’re picking up your date or simply treating yourself to a joyride.

Find out why so many people prefer it as their method of travel in an area dominated by luxury SUVs and cars. Our dedication and attention to customer service is something we pride ourselves on. We offer 24 hour on call assistance so if there ever is a problem we can help you figure it out until it’s solved. However, all of our cars are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to make sure your luxury vehicle rental is seamless and without interruption.

Rent a luxury car today and discover why we are the premier exotic car rental agency in Orange County.  We make the process easy and convenient from start to finish and offer multiple day discounts on all our exotic rental vehicles. The verification process is hassle free and takes less than an hour to complete. You will be on the road driving your dream car before you know it! Contact us today and book your Mercedes Benz s550 rental experience. 

FAQ About Renting Exotic Cars

Making a reservation with RX Motors is made simple and easy. All that is required is a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Once we receive this completely confidential and private information we will begin the verification process. After that, we will reach back out to you and get a date locked in for rent!

Yes, we do! Whether it’s just for a special dinner or an outing with a friend or loved one, we believe you should be able to create an unforgettable memory regardless of the amount of time spent doing so.

Arriving to pick up your exotic car is a simple process. All that is needed from you is a signature on the contract and payment for the rental. After that we will take you to the car and run you through any and all cares or concerns when it comes to operating the vehicle.

If you want to plan your trip in advance all you need to do is reach out and place a deposit. After arrangements have been agreed upon we will have you sign a contract and you can place a deposit on the date to hold it.

At RX Motors, we understand that sometimes plans need to change. That’s why we give everyone who has planned a trip in advance a 24 hour grace period before the date of the rental to cancel without a fee involved.

At RX Motors we require all drivers who rent our cars to be at least 21 years of age. In some cases an underage driver fee may apply depending on the age of the person operating the vehicle.

We verify all coverage on our rentals through your insurance provider. Full comprehensive and collision insurance is needed in order to drive our cars. The verification process is fast and we will keep you informed on what to do if you need to adjust anything to acquire full coverage on your end. 

People have rented from us for a wide range of special occasions! Make your wedding day pop by pulling up in a white Lamborghini. Accelerate into the new year with a classy blue Mercedes Benz. Celebrate a birthday by taking our S Class down Rodeo Drive with your friends. Spend Father’s or Mother’s Day bonding while driving a dream car down PCH. However sometimes you simply don’t need a reason to treat yourself to an unforgettable drive.

Renting a luxury or exotic car instead of a regular one has many advantages. For one, you will be adding an extra level of excitement to your trip. Southern California is home to a lot of car enthusiasts so you will quickly become the center of attention and engagement wherever you decide to drive. Sometimes restaurants will valet park your car front and center because it will add to the attraction of their business!